Shooting Back and Jim Hubbard offer a dynamic team to consult with individuals, NGO’s and the private sector around the world to create inspiring and content driven programs for youth and adults that engage participants in the art of self expression.

In the last decade Jim has joined forces with Los Angeles-based Venice Arts to implement cutting edge approaches to community self-representation and education, including use of the Internet, to foster community and learning. Programs offer hands-on opportunities for both youth and adults to represent their communities through participant media: visual storytelling that uses still photography, video, multimedia and the Internet. Together with Venice Arts, they have worked in communities from Romania, to Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Shooting Back’s founder, Jim Hubbard has been consulting and implementing projects with individuals and organizations from around the world for twenty years. Images and stories created by participants have resulted in significant visibility for participating communities.

Shooting Back and Venice Arts have joined together to conduct a year long consulting effort for a Hong Kong NGO toward strengthening their ongoing photographic programs with youth. The goals are to reinforce their efforts in the realm of participatory media. For the last year, beginning in 2009, Jim and a Shooting Back team of media experts have also consulted with another NGO in Palestine to launch a June 2010 Shooting Back program for youth to share their photographs and stories in their community and throughout the world through tools used in paticipatory media.